Charro Costume

A Charro costume is the typical dress of a Mexican horseman. A Charro is similar to a Cowboy in the United States with the obvious cultural differences.

In Mexico you also find the name Vaquero or Ranchero, although Charro is more sophisticated in its outfit, tradition and social status.

A Charro is also the main character of a sport called Charreria which is similar to a rodeo with some basic differences in its rules.

Here are some famous Mexican artist wearing a Charro traditional outfit:

Elegant Charro Outfit Elegant Charro Outfit

Elegant Charro Costume

In this photo you can see the famous Mexican artist Alejandro Fernandez wearing a very elegant charro costume.

This costume has the traditional vest and short suit. It also has ornaments in the pants along the sides and in lieu of buttons on the vest and coat.

Alejandro likes to sing pop music and also the more traditional Mexican rancheras perfect with the charro outfit.

Alejandro is the son of Vicente Fernandez, who is also a very well know artist. The family owns a ranch in the state of Jalisco where they enjoy the practice of charreria.

Charro White Costume Charro White Costume

Charro White Costume

This beautiful costume is shown by Pedro Fernandez. Not related to Alejandro Fernandez.

The outfit is quite different from the one above not only in color but also showing a gold thread embroidered shirt instead of a suit. Of course the hat is the same form with a unique decoration.

He has been in the entertainment arena since he was a boy singing and acting in Mexican movies.

Traditional Charro Outfit Traditional Charro Outfit

Traditional Charro Outfit

Here is the most famous Mexican Charro.

Jorge Negrete (1911-1953) was an actor and singer during the Golden Era of Mexican movies. He is probably the most famous Mexican artist of all times along with Pedro Infante.

He was also called El Charro Cantor which means the Singing Charro.

We can see how elegant, and traditional is the suit and hat he is wearing, with extensive embroidery and delicate patterns.

Woman Charro Dress Woman Charro Dress

Mexican Woman Charro Dress

We cannot ignore the fact that women also love to wear Charro fashion.

We have Lucero in this beautiful Charro design. She is one of today’s most admired pop music Mexican artists. She also likes to sing rancheras music to complement her talented carreer.

This sophisticated design makes her look outstanding.

Charro costumes are all about the love for the traditional customs of Mexico. There are many styles to choose for men and women specially suited for those who enjoy Charreria.

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