Mexican Huaraches

If you are looking for something to wear on your feet in a tough warm weather, huaraches sandals might just be the right thing. The handmade craftsmanship, the strong leather design, and recycled tire sole remind us of a Mexican tradition that has lasted for centuries. Let me share with you information about their tradition around the world.

Mexican Sandal Mexican Sandal

A huarache is a Mexican sandal that traditionally has been made from a leather weave and a recycled tire sole. But what made huaraches popular throughout Mexico is the comfort that this kind of shoes can provide in hot weather. This kind of sandals probably started off as a leather wave with leather soles hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, the sandals adopted their iconic use of synthetic rubber soles made from recycled tires. Some people affirm that huaraches can last more than ten years.

Originally Mexican sandals were a native or peasant shoe, and they came only in limited sizes. But these days you can find them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Also huaraches have their own style for women and children. Some people can disagree about the difference between a huarache and an ordinary sandal; and it is that to be a huarache has to be handmade and with natural leather materials.

But why you should wear this kind of authentic shoes? The answers is simple, people love them because they are versatile and fun. Huaraches are comfortable and back to the basics. It's amazing how a simple pair of shoes can be comfortable and practical at the same time.

Today people have more options when it comes to huaraches. Many companies have reinvented the huarache and created their own styles providing them in new shapes, colors, materials and sizes so you can find your perfect pair of huaraches with a trendy style.

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