Mexican Blankets

Mexican Blankets are famous worldwide for its unique color patterns, design and beauty. You will find in this page all you want to know about them.

Blankets are made all over the country under different common names such as: jorongo, frazada, tilma, gabán, chamarro. Blankets with a hole in the middle for the head are referred as Mexican Ponchos, although pattern designs for ponchos are the same than regular blankets. You will also find tapetes or Mexican rugs which are also know around the world for its design beauty and artistry, in particular the ones hand woven in Oaxaca, Mexico with Zapotec designs.

There are other types of Mexican traditional blankets and textiles. One of the most popular is called the Mexican rebozo, which is a really delicate piece that women can wear in multiple ways.

Mexican Embroidered Blanket Mexican Embroidered Blanket
by Laura Carreto Tirado

Besides sarapes and rebozos, other common blankets would be embroidered art with colorful designs from the Otomi culture. Find in the picture an example of such blankets.

Otomi textiles and rugs are also very popular due to its colorful designs. They consist of animals and plants close to each other with a simplistic yet very appealing design. The pictures come from pre-Hispanic art found in caves and rocks. These types of rugs are also handmade and they have a great deal of work in them.

Mexican blankets are traditionally made out of natural fibers; cotton, and wool, but now are being replaced with polyester, and rayon. Unfortunately there are copies of Mexican designs made in China and/or made with synthetic material. The traditional techniques and material used to make an authentic Mexican blanket make it hard to imitate. So, if you want a true handcraft, make sure it's a piece made in Mexico.

The Mexican Sarape

Miss Mexico with Sarape Miss Mexico with Sarape

When it comes to a blanket from Mexico most people think of the traditional sarape design which is originally from the city of Saltillo in the North of Mexico.

The traditional sarape was normally worn by people in different episodes of Mexican history. Just a few decades ago, the serape and the rebozo were commonly used by all people in Mexico as it is portrayed in pictures, and photos from the Mexican past.

Nowadays, a sarape is a really nice accessory that is purchased by travelers and locals alike. They can be worn, used as a TV blanket, decorate a wall, decorate your wooden floor, tile or carpet, or even as table cloth. It will give your home a beautiful Mexican accent!

When you visit Mexico don't forget to take a Mexican blanket home.

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