Mexican Costumes

Are you looking for Mexican costumes that define your Mexican style or maybe something just for fun?

Well, you have come to the right place.

In this page you can find ways to create your own costume and ideas for Halloween, your birthday party, or special occasion.

There are many options for dress on a Mexican outfit, and your choice will depend on the formality and purpose of the occasion.

Here are some fun costume ideas:

A Typical Mexican Costume

Zarape Fabric Zarape fabric

A traditional Mexican costume will be a hat, and a colorful serape.... This is the easiest costume to make on your own.

Just find a hay hat and a multi-color fabric; cut the fabric 3 feet wide by 6 feet long, and then make a hole in the middle for your head. You can also add a long mustache or paint it with a water marker.

Mariachi Costume

Three Amigos Mariachi Costume Three Amigos Mariachi Costume

A mariachi costume will require the famous mariachi hat, the pants with the side decoration and the short coat.

There are many colors now a days and you can also find something fancy and sexy for women.

Another idea is to find two more friends and you all can dress like the movie "Three Amigos" in your mariachi costume.

Original Mariachi outfits can be really nice but be ready to pay more. They are usually handcrafted in the land of Mariachis, Guadalajara Mexico

A Mexican Bandit Costume

Bandidas Mexican Costume Bandidas Mexican Costume

Mexicans are famous for appearing in Hollywood's western movies as bandits.

You get to wear a gun (a fake one please!). Or maybe a mask and a cape if you want to look like The Zorro.

If you are a gal, dress like Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz in the movie "Bandidas"

This costume is easy to improvise, just put on a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a top, a Western hat, and the gun.

More Ideas for Mexican Costumes

  • Bullfighter or Matador
    Bullfighting is a tradition in Mexico and other Hispanic countries. For this you will need the matador hat, tight pants and a short vest. Then you will add a red matador cape.

  • Another easy Mexican outfit is the Mexican luchador or Mexican wrestling hero. You can get a mask at toy stores or in costume sections of your favorite retailer, then just wear a pair of tight pants.

  • For Cinco de Mayo celebrations, check out our Cinco de Mayo Costumes.

A Mexican custom is always fun to wear, and you get to show off tradition as well. We hope you have a blast in your next party.

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