Mexican Hat

A Mexican hat is something that always comes to mind when people talk about a fun thing to wear in your head. Popularity of the so called Mexican sombrero, came from TV shows or cartoons like Speedy Gonzalez, and also through live action films and mariachi bands which have played a big part in making the sombrero an icon of Mexican culture.

Mariachi Hat Mariachi Hat

The use of the Mexican hat developed more from practicality than from anything else. Long ago when people had to work in the sun-drenched fields, they needed something to cover from the sun. It is believed that workers in hot climates came up with a wide-brimmed straw hat that would keep the sun out of their eyes and faces taking his name from the Spanish word "sombra" which means shade. The newly created hat was christened by "sombrero".

But what made the sombrero such a useful thing is its shape. It looks somehow like a cowboy hat, but with a cone-shape center. The chin strap was added to keep the oversized hats from flying away with the wind.

There are different types of sombreros:

Mexican Hat Typical Mexican Hat

  • The Typical Sombrero
    Less expensive than others, and sometimes with a strap, used by peasants, made out of straw, and perfect to be used to protect from the sun.

  • The Vaquero Sombrero
    This is a more expensive variety made of felt or velvet. This is a fancier version of the Mexican hat; some people believe this style came from Guadalajara, Mexico.

  • The Charro Hat
    Large and elegant hat usually matching the entire charro costume. Charros are experts in rodeo tricks and ride their horses with skills using their typical sombrero.

  • The Mariachi Hat
    Adapted from the charro hat with the same form but generally more colorfully decorated. Their outfits filled with elaborate embroidery completed this stunning sombreros.

The Mexican sombrero has become a national and cultural symbol, and it is often used in traditional Mexican celebrations and holidays, especially by communities outside of Mexico. Sombreros were and still are also perceived as Mexican symbols because of its tradition. Also they are a creative solution to the problem of keeping cool while living in a hot climate.

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