Mexican Traditional Dress

Mexican traditional dresses are stylish dresses with luscious earth tones, such as reds, browns, yellows and greens, with intricate embroidered patterns, and vibrant designs.

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When talking about Mexican dresses, we need to say that there are years of tradition and cultural influence in the making. They are characterized for being special and unique garments, with designs according to the region they come from. Mexican embroidered dresses are an excellent portrait of Mexican culture.

Modern Mexican Traditional Dress Modern Mexican Traditional Dress

Mexican dresses simple design makes it especially popular during the summer and in warm climates. They are loose flowing, made of natural fibers, usually cotton, and embroidered with vibrant thread and beads with designs of flowers, animals, abstract figures or Mexican symbols. Women are lucky to have an awesome variety of Mexican dress styles.

Traditional Mexican Dresses are a true piece of art, handcrafted with traditional methods, which is why they are appreciated by people all around the world who prefer the comfort and beauty of an authentic garment.

Mexican Embroidered dresses have always been used as every day wear, not necessarily as an outfit for celebrations. However, today a sophisticated version of the dress is popular during the Cinco de Mayo holiday primarily in the Mexican state of Puebla and now more and more in the United States. You can also appreciate these popular dresses when watching typical Mexican dances.

Mexican dresses reflect good taste and simplicity of Mexican women.

The China Poblana Dress

A very traditional and sophisticated example of a Mexican embroidered dress is the Mexican Puebla Dress also called the China Poblana Dress. The Puebla dress is often called a China Poblana dress because of the legend of Mirrha (Catalina de San Juan). People called her La China Poblana because of her generosity and exotic beauty and they honored her by wearing her dress style.

A Mexican Puebla dress is a full length, short-sleeved peasant dress embroidered with colorful threads. This kind of dress is simple yet elegant and striking; it can be worn as everyday functional wear or as a costume for Mexican parties. The Puebla dress is usually made of cotton with hand sewn embroidery.

Traditional Mexican Dresses Today

Traditional embroidered Mexican dresses have been re-invented and used as inspiration to create designs of modern Mexican fashion. These new designs for the "actual women" use traditional techniques applied to modern textures following global trends like season colors, lengths and patterns. Today we can find women wearing Mexican dresses and giving a traditional and modern style to their clothing using them for casual gathers and also formal business meetings.

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