Traditional Mexican Dress

When people talk about a Traditional Mexican dress, they normally refer to the so called "typical dress" from the different states or regions of Mexico which you can find below.

Embroidered Dress

Check out our collection of Emroidered Dresses. Hand-crafted in the Southern states of Mexico; mainly Puebla and Oaxaca.

There are beautiful Traditional Mexican dress designs in every corner of Mexico and they are used in religious, patriotic or cultural celebrations. Here are some examples:

Jalisco Traditional Dress

The typical dress from Jalisco is what is called an Escaramuza dress. (Escaramuza Charra is the name given to the female that participates in the sport of Charreria).

It consists of a very wide skirt that makes waves with stripes in the middle that forms a star, and more stripes at the bottom end. The blouse is made out of manta (100% cotton) with a high collar, and stripes of embroidery.

Jalisco Traditional Dress Jalisco Traditional Dress

Tabasco Traditional Dress

The typical dress from Tabasco is usually a skirt using a flower print fabric, a white blouse, and embroidery figures in the collar and sleeves. This one in particular is a modern design from the Mayan Chontal indigenous women. They also like to wear sophisticated hairstyle with flowers. Their clothing has evolved through history; in the past before the Spanish arrived, they had a simpler apron and top. With the textile industry developing, they started to create their own textile designs.

Tabasco Traditional Chontal Dress Tabasco Traditional Chontal Dress

Here is another traditional mexican dress from the same region. It has beautiful stripes of embroidered flowers in vivid colors and a typical design that makes it look elegant with the black bottom and white top. As you can see the flower stripes are common with the chontal dress above, but they are used in very different confection styles.

Tabasco Traditional Dress Tabasco Traditional Pageant Dress

Michoacan Traditional Dress

Michoacán is the state of Mexico where Purepechas have lived for a long time, in the land around Lake Patzcuaro. Women use sophisticated clothing: A skirt with a pattern, a long blouse with embroidery at the bottom and around the neck, a belt strapped on the back, and usually a rebozo. Blouses with more embroidery are used in special celebrations. Aprons are also typically used and they also have nice cross stitch embroidery decoration.

Michoacan Traditional Dress Michoacan Traditional Dress

Campeche Traditional Dress

Campeche is a state in the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayan civilization once flourished. The cloth in Campeche is different than the typical Mayan clothing found in the surrounding areas due to the Spanish influence. This city was a walled city during the Spanish colonization and was an important commerce port. The dress used a huipil blouse usually with black thread embroidery around the square collar. The embroidered design had the resemblance of onions and pumpkin flowers. The skirt was ankle long usually made out of fine Spanish print fabric. They also use the typical rebozo or headscarf.

Campeche Traditional Dress Campeche Traditional Dress

Tehuana Traditional Dress

This dress is used in the region of the Tehuantepec Istmus; mainly in the states of Tabasco, Oaxaca and Veracruz. This type of clothing complements other regional costumes from the region such as the Huipil.

This particular dress named "Flor Tehuana" was designed by Israel Matamoros Cruz for the Miss Mexico contest in 2011. This traditional Mexican dress features vivid color flowers embroidered by hand.

Tehuana Traditional Dress Tehuana Traditional Dress

Veracruz Traditional Dress

This dress typical of the state of Veracruz is truly a work of art worn by Adriana in a Miss Veracruz contest in 2011.

The typical Veracruz dress has a wide and waving skirt in white with embroidery and typical lace, a blouse in the same color, and an apron usually in black with embroidery of flowers. It is usually accompanied with a shawl in silk or other nice fabric. The set is completed with accessories like a fan, and three flowers dressing the head. Flowers on the left side mean the woman is single, and flowers on the right mean the woman is married.

Veracruz Traditional Dress Veracruz Traditional Dress

Chiapas Traditional Dress

The Chiapas typical dress is truly a unique work of art; very different from the dresses in other parts of Mexico. It is made by hand my local women originally from the town of Chiapa de Corzo.

It consists of a wide skirt with a full decoration of stripes with colorful and stunning flowers usually embroidered in silk or similar thread (articela). Some people say that flowers represent the region diversity, and they are embroidered on a black background which represents the dense jungle.

Chiapas Traditional Dress Chiapas Traditional Dress

There is a wide variety of Traditional Mexican dress styles. Basically each state has its own customs and traditions. They all share the representation of art that makes them unique and culture rich.

Mexican dresses offer a merge of style, tradition and fashion.

Other representations of Mexican traditional clothing are:

Mayan Clothing

Very nice designs of big flowers make these pieces in fashion.

Aztec Clothing

Probably the most unique style within Mexican clothing. With rich history, these pieces are sophisticated. They do offer symbols and ideas to designers which make modern extraordinary garments.

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