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Mexican apparel is modern Mexican clothing commonly used today; all distinguished by style, design and comfort. 

Although traditional clothing made Mexican clothing famous.  Today the trends in fashion are using young designers using Mexican embroidery designs to show a different style of Mexican clothing.   With its vibrant colors and unique natural designs, Mexican fashion is booming.

Why is Mexican Apparel so Popular Today?

Mexican San Antonino modern dress in purple with a fashion style

It's clothing that has a unique style influenced by Mexican culture, but used every day by Mexicans and people around the world who love Mexico. In simple terms Mexican clothing is very cool, appealing and fun to wear.

Nowadays, in modern Mexico, taste for clothing is influenced by fashion from Europe and the United States, although there are still many people who appreciate the beauty and tradition of original and authentic Mexican garments.

Designers have managed to combine culture with fashion, and they have created unique designs as a reflection of Mexican culture and identity.

In large cities most people tend to wear Western clothing; for work, men use casual pants and shirts. Bank employees or salesmen will use a tie and a coat. Women also use casual pants or over the knee skirts with formal Mexican blouses. Young people like to wear snickers, t-shirts and jeans.

Mexican clothing is used as part of everyday life, although not necessarily every piece of clothing is a distinguishable design.

Garments that Influence Mexican Apparel

Here are some of the most typical types of traditional garments designers use to create modern Mexican designs:

  • The huipil which is really used to describe a variety of dresses in many regions of Mexico.  All of them with similar characteristics and authentically used by indigenous women  
  • The rebozo which is like shawls used by modern women.  The rebozo has Mexican patterns that make it unique and beautiful.  Some of them are made of cotton and silk and others made out synthetic fibers.   There are handmade designs that combined with a nice Mexican dress or blouse make your outfit very elegant.
  • Mexican Dresses from all over Mexico with typical designs.  There are so many varieties of embroidery designs that the figures are used today in the development of modern Mexican apparel.
  • The Mexican guayabera or wedding shirt is the most famous Mexican clothing for men.
  • Mexican sandals
  • Mexican boots

We can say many things about Mexican clothing, but one thing to highlight is that it reflects the evolution of the culture. Mexican clothing is not only appealing in design but it reflects the intriguing culture and background of the country. Today Mexican apparel is sought by enthusiastic worldwide.

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