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Mexican Blouses

Mexican Blouses reflect the traditional Mexican spirit; sometimes embroidered with colorful patterns, beads and lace, and sometimes pleated.

Mexico has many designs of blouses for women; associated with tradition, culture and national accent. From the ones still use by indigenous women which they still make themselves, to the modern blouse with the Mexican touch that can be used with jeans or for a formal dinner depending on the materials and design chosen. 

Red San Antonino Oaxaca BlouseSan Antonino Oaxaca Traditional Blouse

What is always true is the beauty of the patterns, the originality of the colors and the artisan skills reflected in each piece.

Traditional Mexican blouses use natural fibers such as cotton. The name of the typical cotton fabric is manta, which is very appropriate for warm weather.

The most popular shape for traditional blouses is called huipil although the name huipil is used as a general term and it describes a rectangular shape with rectangular short sleeves.

Loose Modern Embroidered Blouse

Now a days, the huipil concept has been apply to different textiles, styles, embroiding techniques and materials, creating a modern usage of the same item.

This style can be used as every day clothing or even for special occasions.

This blouse is embroidered with beautiful Mexican patterns. It takes a lot of work to make these garments as beautiful as they are.


Long Sleeve Traditional Mexican Long Blouse

Even for formal events such as galas and weddings, traditional Mexican blouses are very trendy and very appropriate.

Choose this styles if you want to look relaxed, original, and also with a sense of style.


Colorful and Original Mexican Blouse

Here is an elegant and fancy blouse.

The details on this blouse make you look very sophisticated.

They are perfect to have a formal look in celebrations with a relaxed atmosphere.

They go great with a long Mexican skirt or jeans.

The style is from Jalapa de Diaz Oaxaca and the embroidery is amazing.


Mexican women wear blouses with skirts that are usually as long as the ankle and the blouses are neatly tucked into the skirt waists, or gathered at the waistline.

They find this attire the most comfortable as well as attractive.


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