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The Mexican Clothing Store

Here we are introducing our recently launched Mexican Clothing Store - where we are adding items every day.

We look for unique and popular Mexican products to offer to our clients.

We named our store Uipil because this is the indigenous Nahuatl word that translate into English as "clothing".

We are focused on providing the world with a direct source of embroidered and hand-made items from Mexico.

Mexican Clothing Store Products

Authentic Embroidery

Typical Mexican embroidery in gold color over black

We are partnering with a network of co-ops in Mexico that make embroidered products. There are families with decades of tradition in making the authentic items. The family cuts and draws the designs, and they distribute the pieces of cloth to women in remote areas; Women in small towns embroider their pieces in their free time and provide an additional income stream.

Regional Clothing

Typical Mexican Dress from Jalisco pink with colorful ribbons

Finally, we have also received multiple inquiries about the typical clothing from the different regions of Mexico.

We are looking for the best local suppliers to offer the best product from their respective region.

Some of these garments are very sophisticated and used in festivals or events such as charreadas, and others are just perfect for that special occasion.

Designer Clothing

We are partnering with Mexican designers to develop a line of products that combine the traditional embroidery with a modern style that makes the items appealing to our customers.

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