Mexican Dance Costumes

Mexican dance costumes change depending on the region and type of dance. The main thing they have in common is the beautiful style, and the fact that they enhance the performance of the dance.

There is a wide variety of traditional Mexican dances. Another name used for a traditional dance is folkloric dance, and in Mexico each dance demands a costume of a certain design. Most of the outfits used in folkloric dances have the influence of the Spanish colonial times.

Mexican Dance Costumes

Here are two examples:

    Mexican Dance Costumes Mexican Dance Costumes
    by Laura Carreto Tirado

  1. In the center of Mexico, the outfits Mexican women dancers use consist of ruffled and tiered long skirts in white or a bright colors, trimmed with colorful ribbons and lace. Tops tend to be off shoulder and ruffled, as a regular peasant blouse. Men most commonly wear a mariachi costume, which consists of slim black trousers, usually decorated down the sides of each leg and an elaborately decorated jacket, finished with a string tie and oversized hat.

  2. Chinas Poblanas Dancing Chinas Poblanas Dancing
    by Laura Carreto Tirado

  3. One of the most popular dances is the Hat Dance also called the national Folk Dance. For this dance, women typically wear the China Poblana costume generally consisting of a short sleeved white blouse, sometimes decorated with embroidery or a light floral paint and a bright colored, shiny skirt worn over white petticoats. Men also wear a Charro suit, which is essentially the mariachi costume. It includes silver buttons and instead of a bolero tie, a man might wear a large red bow the ends hanging down his chest.

If you have the opportunity to see a Mexican dance performance, you will probably be impressed by the magnificent costumes.

You can find many costumes specially used for Mexican dances around the country; the important thing is the beauty of their designs full of bright colors, decorated with beads and ribbons which make them such a valuable outfit.

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