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Mexican Fiesta Ideas

A Mexican Fiesta is always a fun way to celebrate your birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary or a typical Mexican celebration day such as Cinco de Mayo or Independence Day (16th of September).

There are so many unique things about Mexican Parties!

Mexican Clothing for a Mexican Fiesta

Mexican shirt or guayabera perfect for a Mexican fiestaMexican Guayabera

Classy Mexican Party Clothing

Here are our top recommendations for a classy and authentic Mexican fiesta. To be used in a graduation party, birthday party, go away party, etc.

Mexican Dresses
There are a wide variety of dresses; Mexican embroidered dresses are beautiful pieces for any occasion.

Men's Guayabera or Women's Mexican blouses
Guayabera is a unique garment for men to use in a Mexican party. Embroidered blouses for women are also typical with beautiful designs for all likes.

Modern Mexican dress perfect for a Mexican fiestaMexican Fiesta Dress

Traditional Mexican Party Clothing

Here are the recommendations if you want a more traditional celebration. For example Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, or just a fun party.

Traditional Mexican Dress
These are the more sophisticated designs from all regions and states in the country.

Mexican serape or Mexican rebozo
These are traditional beautiful garments that make you stand out.

The Mexican Food

There is Mexican food for all kinds of ocassions.

For the traditional Mexican party

This is a typical dish made with dry tortillas, refried beans, shredded chicken or pork, cheese and a homemade sauce.

These are made out of baguette bread with typical fillings, cheese and a homemade sauce.

For a special ocassion

Mole with chicken
Mole is a traditional spicy/sweet sauce (almost like a curry for those who like Indian food). It is made with chilies, chocolate, tomatillos, and usually eaten with chicken.

Something elegant

Chiles en Nogada
This dish consists of poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef and minced fruits with a white sauce made with chicken broth and cheese decorated with pomegranate pieces.

Mexican Music for your Fiesta

Mariachi Music

This is the most typical Mexican music. It was made famous by Mexican movies with Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete in the Mexican Cinema Golden Age in the 1940's, and 50's. The music is performed with trumpets, guitarron, guitar and violins by a Mariachi Band.

Banda Music

This music is so diverse. The most typical representation of banda music are rancheras music which is a type of country music in Mexico, and corridos which is a musical story with a message. Bands also play pop, cumbia, and balads.

Among the most famous bands we have: Banda el Recodo, Banda Maguey, Banda los Recoditos, Banda Machos.

Pop Music

Pop Mexican Music is very popular in the Hispanic community in the US and also throughout Latin-America and Spain.

Among the most famous Mexican artists that perform Mexican pop music are: Luis Miguel, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Espinoza Paz, Alejandro Fernandez, Lucero .

Make your Mexican fiesta full of little details and with appropriate attire, music and food.

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