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Mexican Peasant Dress

By definition a Mexican Peasant Dress is what people actually wear in some communities in Mexico. The real fascinating point is that this authentic clothing is modeled on the folk costumes of Mexico and admired by people around world.

So Mexican clothing is now becoming part of the world's fashion standard.

A peasant dress is most likely very traditional, but not all traditional dresses are considered peasant.

What makes a Mexican dress so unique and traditional? Its style, heritage and the hands that made it.

Mexican Peasant Dresses

Traditional dresses include the peasant dresses, regional dresses, and folkloric dresses such as the ones used in festivals or celebrations.

There are many kinds of Mexican peasant dresses, and we have found three we particularly like for its fashionable style: the Puebla traditional dress around the state of the same name, the San Antonio traditional dress in the South of the country and the Tabasco style dresses.

Puebla Mexican Peasant Dress

The Puebla mexican dress comes in various colors and its embroidery is also done using many different colors.

This type of dress is what the world most typically knows as the Mexican peasant dress. It is well recognized, for its unique patterns, many time colorful designs and a fresh look.

This Mexican embroidered dress is now getting to be so popular that celebrities and in general people of all nationalities are using them.

Oaxaca Peasant Dress

Here is a beautiful Mexican dress from San Antonino Castillo Velasco in the state of Oaxaca.

The making of the dress takes months and the craft woman uses different techniques.

In particular the dress on the photo is a sophisticated piece with embroidery, openwork sewing and crochet.

The dress is a fresh design that can be used any day, and also elegant for an special ocassion.

The San Antonino dress can be used as a peasant dress, but its tradition has made it one of the most highly regarded and valuable dress styles.

If you are searching for a true work of art and you like treasured pieces, this would be the one dress to choose.

Tabasco Peasant Dress

This in reality is a regional dress used in festivals but there are now simple versions of the dress that make it so likeable.

It looks a bit more formal than the two styles above, but is still very wearable for any occasion.

This dress has lines of embroidered flowers in the lower part of the skirt and also in the blouse sleeves and around the neck.

The dress skirt is usually navy blue, but you can also find it in white. The blouse main color is usually white.

Mexican peasant dresses are unique and diverse to be used any day for any occasion and of course look beautiful.

For more pictures, see our embroidered Mexican peasant dress styles.

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