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Mexico Facts

Here we decided to provide the basic Mexico Facts and also the fun facts.

With fun facts we mean the things that make Mexican people and culture unique and interesting.  Some are the result of Mexican heritage and others are simple day to day occurrences.

Fun Mexico Facts

On November 1st, Mexicans celebrate The Day of the Dead which basically means they celebrate death. On this day they remember their passed family and friends bringing offerings to a type of altar.

Tequila is an origin denomination liquor made from Blue Agave (a type of cactus) that is popular world-wide.  It is not the type of drink used to get drunk anymore but a sophisticated liquor that can be enjoyed sipping it and also mixing it.  It has a wide variety of qualities.  There is white, reposado and añejo tequilas with an increasing smoothness.

Albures is a double meaning form of speaking (pun).   It is part of Mexican culture because it is so common.  Of course other countries also practice it but it does not seem to be so openly used as it is in Mexico.

Mexican food is famous around the world and they have created a new kind of supplement called Vitamin T which stands for tacos, tamales, tortas and tostadas. All of which are Mexico's typical dishes.

Mexican telenovelas or soap operas are know world-wide.  The Mexican media company Televisa started this business in the 1950's and together with other Mexican media companies have exported hundreds of telenovelas.  Mexican telenovelas are famous in many countries including China, Rusia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and some European countries.

Aztecs and Mayans are the two of the three greatest civilizations in the Americas and a large percentage of Mexicans are descendants of them.  In Mexico the Spanish conquistador mixed with the indigenous communities and created the mestizos race which is the main race in Mexico and many countries in Latin America.

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Basic Facts

Ok here are the more basic facts about Mexico.  This information is provided by INEGI which is the national institute for statistics and geography.

Population (2010): 112,336, 538

Number of births (2012): 2,498,880

Number of decease people (2012): 602,354

Continental surface area (2005): 1,959, 248 square km.

Households (2010): 28,159,373

Average number of people per household (2010): 3.9

Number of households maintained by women (2010): 6,916,206

Percentage of household with running water (2010): 91.5

Percentage of people that emigrates (2010): 3.3%

Doctors (2011): 202,160

Economically active population (2014): 52,448,710

Population with 6th grade completed (2010): 36,467,510

Marriages (2012): 585,434

Divorces (2012): 99,509

The source of the information is the INEGI.

If you have additional facts of any kind please let us know it the comments section below and we will include them in this page.  Thank you for sharing!

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